A relationship with God is not something we achieve, but something we grow every day.  Going ALL IN with your spiritual growth means consistently and intentionally building your relationship with Jesus. We aren't asking you to continue what you are doing; we are challenging you to go deeper in your faith!

Ways to go all in with your spiritual growth:
Get baptized.
If you aren't in a small group, join one.
If you are in a small group, consider leading one.
Join or lead a Sunday School class.
Get in the Word of God every day.
Imagine how excited God is to sit down with you every day and just spend time with you. Image what life could be like one year from now if we started the habit of reading our Bible every day. Imagine the impact it could have on your family life, dating life, work life,  or with your neighbors, coworkers, or friends. Imagine the impact it would have on your workplace, city, or even world. We want to challenge you to go ALL IN and read through the Bible this year! Follow this link to videos, Bible reading plans, and a variety of ways to dig deeper into your faith.
I'm ready to go ALL IN with my faith and share with the world that I follow Jesus.  Click here to fill out our baptism form.
Going ALL IN with my faith means being intentional about building my relationship with Jesus and other like-minded friends. Are you ready to build a community of Christian friends where you grow together, serve together, and do life together?  There are many small group and Bible study options for you!  Click here to see.