Parent Handbook - Statement of Purpose

Academic Development                                                             

                    "And Jesus grew in wisdom..."

By providing an academic curriculum with a scriptural foundation, the A BEKA Curriculum keeps learning lively, interesting and memorable. Children will be taught phonics, reading, writing, math, science, social studies, health, as well as music. Avalon Pre-School provides a rich environment in which children are encouraged to reach their full academic potential at their own pace.

Physical Development                                                             

                    "...and stature..."

Physical education is an important part of school life here at Avalon. Each week children will have an opportunity to participate in a Physical Education class where large motor skills will be developed. Children learn the importance of being physically active and learn social skills related to team sports. On a daily basis children will have time to exercise those skills during recess time.

Spiritual Development                                                             

                    "...and in favor with God..."

Our curriculum at Avalon Pre-School includes a daily time of bible study. Each day children are presented with stories from the Bible starting with Creation all the way though the New Testament. Bible verse memorization is encouraged on a regular basis and Chapel time is presented each week.

Social Development                                                             

                    "...and men."

Every day is filled with opportunities to interact with other students. Special attention is given to encourage children to cooperate, share, and be respectful of others. Skills such as listening, following directions, and organizing oneself are also presented.