Birthdays are special here at the school. Each child will be honored in their class on their special day. Many parents want to send in a special treat on that day to help in the celebration. Please talk with your child's teacher to make arrangements for their birthday celebration.

Parent conferences will be held once a year during the month of February. At that time you will have the opportunity to talk with your child's teacher and discuss his/her progress. The teacher will notify you of the conference day so you can sign up. If at any time you have a question concerning your child's progress or if a situation arises that you wish to discuss with the teacher, don't hesitate to call. We will be glad to talk with you.

Children should wear comfortable, washable play clothes to school. This is in the best interest of the child and his/her ability to enjoy all of the activities at school. Slacks or jeans are encouraged for all children. Please send your child in rubber soled shoes for safety in the playroom. Tennis shoes are great. The school does not take responsibility for damaged clothing. Please send your child in appropriate outer wear . There are times when our classes will be enjoying the sun when it is warm and the snow when it is cold. Mark all coats, hats, mittens, and boots with your child's name.

Field Trips
Our Pre-K classes may take field trips which correlate with the learning program. In order for these trips to be possible it is necessary that we have parents who will provide transportation and supervision. Parents will be notified ahead of time when these trips are occurring. Some field trips do require an extra fee for each child.

It is our goal to work cooperatively with parents in providing their children with a positive, enjoyable, and educational learning experience. Our teachers will be sending monthly newsletters informing you of the activities your child will be participating in during class. Each month you will also receive an all school newsletter from the director to inform you of special events. Be sure to check your child's book bag for these notes!

Snacks and Refreshments
Each child will be asked to help supply snacks for his/her class during the school year. Your child's teacher will inform you of your snack times. Please carefully consider the nutritional value of the snack and juice. Please do not send Kool Aide, Hi-C or other sugar drinks. Candy is not to be brought in for the snack. If you forget to send a snack on your day, please send a storable snack the next session. This will ensure that the children will have snacks when someone else forgets.

Parents are welcome at Avalon Christian School. However, due to the age of the children, they are easily distracted. Therefore, we request that all visitation be scheduled through the director. Opportunities will arise when the classroom teacher will request extra help. Watch for information in both the teacher's and director's monthly newsletters. Please remember that although we love younger brothers and sisters, they cannot be included in the visit day.

Behavior Assistance (Support)
When patterns of negative behavior occur frequently, these supports are available:
  - Request information from the school regarding 
    child behavior and development.   (no charge)
  - Request assistance from a behavioral
    consultant. Speak to the director about who to 
    call.    (no charge)
  - Request counseling support from Avalon Christian
     Counseling Center.
   (paid by parent)