Children may not attend school if they have any communicable disease or infection. Please do not send your child if he/she shows signs of illness or other indication that they are not in good health. Parents are to inform the school if their child has a contagious disease or is going to be absent for more than three consecutive days.

If your child has a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, thick yellow-greenish discharge from the nose, persistent coughing, undiagnosed rash, lice, or other signs of illness, please do not send them to school until they have been free of symptoms for 24 hours.

If your child becomes ill during the school day you will be notified. Prompt arrangements for picking up your child are expected.

            - Immunizations must be up to date before school 
              begins. You must fill out the immunization form and 
              turn it in before your child may attend. If you need 
              an Immunization Waiver Form, please contact 
              the director.

            - If your child must receive prescription medication 
              during the hours they are in school, the following 
              rules must be followed:
                        - Fill out the medicine dispensing form. 
                          (provided by
 the director)
                        - All medication must be sent in the original 
                        - All medication must be personally delivered to 
teacher or director by parent/guardian. 
                          Medication will
be returned in the same 
                          manner. Please do not send medication in the 
                          book bag.

Special Health Issues
            - If your child has a special health condition
              (asthma,allergies, or any other disorder), 
              please contact the director for a Special Health Issue 
This form must be filled out completely by the 
              parent and on file at the school office