In an effort to assure the safety of each and every child that attends Avalon Christian School, we will use the car line to drop off children each morning. Beginning at 8:55 am school staff will be out on the curb to assist children out of the car and into the school building. If you arrive after 9:05 am or after the car line has ended, you will need to park in the parking lot and walk your child into the building.

To assist in getting all children into the school in a timely manner, we ask for your help in the following areas:
Prior to your child's turn in the car line, please:
            - Unbuckle your child
            - Assist them with their backpack
            - Give them all of their hugs and kisses.

This will help the car line move quickly and efficiently. You may escort your child in from the parking lot if you wish. Please park in the parking lot spaces and walk your child be hand, keeping in mind the many moving cars. If any parent would like to volunteer to help assist children from their cars please call the preschool office. This would further reduce the amount of time waiting in line.

The third door located on the parking lot side of the building 
will be used for arrival and dismissal.

Dismissal will begin at 11:30 AM and 2:45 PM. To ensure the safety of your child pull up in the line to the double doors outside the preschool entrance and wait for a staff person to assist your child to the car. You must display your Child Identification or Carpool Number in the front right windshield or hang from rear view mirror.
            - It is important for your child to be picked up on time.
              If arriving after 11:45 or 3:00 you will need to come
              inside and pick your child up at the office. There's a
              $5 late fee for arriving after 11:45AM for morning
              dismissal, after 12:45 for Lunch Bunch, & after
              3:00PM for afternoon dismissal, with another
              $1 per minute after the first 5 minutes. Late  
              fees will be added to the next months tuition
              and all late fees must be paid in full by May 1st.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter as our staff have family and personal commitments after school hours. Please plan ahead for inclement weather.

  Early Pick Up
If it becomes necessary for your child to leave school other than at the usual time, please:
            - Send a note to the teacher of the early pick up.
            - Come into the building and pick up your child at the 
              office area.