Mission Statement 

The Worship Ministry at Avalon Church exists to provide a community for musicians, tech experts, vocalists, and creatives seeking to know and follow Jesus with all our hearts, abilities, and attitudes — on and off the platform — and to provide a space for the Body of Christ to declare God’s glory and step into the Joy found in his presence together.

Purpose and Values

We're Better Together

We worship, learn, and grow together as a team. Music ministry is never a one-person-show, but is a community effort to continually trust and seek after Jesus as we become more like him together. 

Effort > Excellence

When we bring our gifts to the feet of Jesus, we want to bring everything we have. We aren’t called to be perfect, but to offer our best. Serving in any ministry environment requires sacrifice, but worship ministry can sometimes require a little more than others. You have to practice at home, show up on Thursday nights, and show up early on Sunday mornings – that’s no small sacrifice. We always value effort over excellence. When we’re focused on excellence, it’s easy to get wrapped up in performance and comparison, and lose track of our purpose. But, when we give our best effort, we get better; we become more excellent at our craft, while keeping our focus on glorifying the Lord with our gifts.   

Unity in Diversity

At Avalon, we are constantly striving to be a church where any person, regardless of background or life experience, can encounter the love of Christ. As a music team, we celebrate diversity by having semi-regular multilingual services, playing music that does not only appeal to any one culture or preference, and seeking to represent the diversity of our church by giving everyone a chance to serve on-stage. 

Every Generation Matters

Our church is a church of many generations, and we believe it would be a sin to neglect any one generation to please another. We desire to engage all generations and ages in our services, and in our worship teams, because “like attracts like”. We especially value keeping our stage multigenerational, so that everyone who walks into our church on a Sunday feels represented.   


Structure is a valuable aspect of our worship ministry because it allows us to work better as a team and be more confident. However, we don’t ever want to let structure distract us from what the Holy Spirit could be doing at any moment. We want to create an environment that allows for the freedom of the Holy Spirit, and we want to lead our congregation wherever the Spirit is moving. Avoiding mere performance, our worship must offer people a chance to encounter God and prepare their hearts and minds to receive the Word. 

Creativity is Key

Variety of arrangements and instrumentation, as well as programmatic creativity is essential. We don’t want to be fresh just for the sake of freshness, but for the sake of effectiveness. Each musician has their own flavor, and their own interpretation of the music set before them. And, while we want to make sure we are not distracting people by over-performing, each musician and vocalist is encouraged to tackle every song with fresh creativity. 

Humility is Essential

We believe that humility is not a matter of thinking less OF oneself, but thinking less ABOUT oneself. As musicians, it is easy to slip into performance-mode. At Avalon, we desire to cultivate a community of worshippers that bring forth their best, but know when to put their ability aside and point everyone’s attention to Jesus. 

Prayerful Foundation

To grow or create anything of substance, we have to start with a solid foundation. We desire to be a prayerful community of believers. We need Christ in each moment we serve, sing, change lights scenes, or prepare throughout the week, and we desire to invite Jesus into everything we do, on Thursdays, Sundays, and every other day of the week.   

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