Kodi Mullins - Family Life Pastor

Pastor Kodi Mullins has been in the Fort Wayne community for most of his life. He and his wife, Courtney, have known each other since they were young kids. They have two daughters, Nora and Annie. You may spot Pastor Kodi and his wife riding their Schwinn tandem bike and pulling their girls in the bike trailer behind them! Kodi loves running, gardening, board games, magic tricks, and making people laugh. The Mullins family loves being with people and serving others– two things that are a part of their family mission. Pastor Kodi is passionate about investing in students and families and equipping people to disciple others.

Avalon Kids is about helping kids know God, love God, know people, and love people.

What is Family Worship Time?

It's TIME to WORSHIP God as a FAMILY. We believe the best way for families to connect is to engage in God's Word together. This is how trust is built and honest conversations begin. That's why we are equipping you to lead your family. When the foundations of faith begin in the home, families on mission are formed.

How do I do Family Worship Time? 

  • Bring your family together and take 10 minutes each day to ask what the high point and low point of everyone's day was.
  • Read the daily scripture passage from the reading plan together.
  • Discuss the passage by answering the question, "what is this passage saying and how should it impact the way we live?"
  • Close by spending time in prayer together as a family. 

Click HERE for August's scripture reading plan